Not Ashamed

Not Ashamed of the Gospel
Romans 1:16-2:5
January 14, 2018

Yesterday, as I was preparing this sermon, we got a phone call from our youngest, Abby, who is in her first year at the University of Hawaii. I suspect most of you heard about what happened. Just before 8 am, this notice appeared on hers (and all other cell phones) in Hawaii:

Abby and her roommate were scared. She said that people were running around and no one really knew what they were supposed to do. While on the phone, we did a quick online search and flipped among all the news channels to see if we could find some confirmation. The lack of confirmation and because she was not hearing sirens made it seem likely that it was either a hoax or error, but that did not make things any better when she was in her room, sitting and waiting.

I just want to share something posted by a friend of mine, a pastor on the Big Island of Hawaii:

Another great day in Hawaii nei. So… we had a misfire on the state’s civil defense system. Got a lot of people in a panic and it was rather a stressful situation. People alerting their families and friends and telling love ones they love them. Thank God it wasn’t a real attack just a alarm “inadvertently” set. But here’s the main thing. If it was for real, are we ready just in case it was our last day? How’s our relationship with Jesus? There was no missile attack but that doesn’t guarantee our lives will just keep going along with no problems. Only God knows the day we’ll come face to face with Him. Maybe today’s miscue could be a wake up call to make sure we are right with God! Think about it and make sure Jesus is first in your life. That’s what I need to do everyday! Love you guys!! (James Tex-Kimo Texeira)

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