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The articles posted here were written for a variety of publications. The Celtic is the monthly newsletter for Chula Vista Presbyterian Church. The Westpres is the monthly newsletter for Westminster Presbyterian Church in Escondido.

I have not included citations to the source materials I have used in researching these topics. I do not claim independent knowledge or to have been the source of the thoughts here; however, these were designed to be devotional pieces, not scholarly work. I do not take for granted the scholarship that others have done -- if you would like information about the sources I have used in preparing this material, let me know. I am glad to provide it and give credit where credit is due.

The Celtic


January, 2015:

July, 2015

February, 2015: The Job of a Priest

August, 2015

March, 2015: Praying for Chula Vista September, 2015
April, 2015: Prophesies Fulfilled October, 2015
May, 2015: The Agape League and Spiritual Gifts November, 2015
June, 2015 December, 2015


January, 2014: Asking For Your Help

July, 2014: Predicting GA

February, 2014: Prayer

August, 2014: The Sermon Trail

March, 2014: Compassion Weekend

March, 2014: Why Are We Doing These Things?
September, 2014: Be Subject To One Another
April, 2014: Christ & Culture October, 2014: Appreciating the Struggle
May, 2014: Antioch November, 2014: Inefficient Evangelism
June, 2014: Angie's Installation December, 2014: The Church Is You and Me


January, 2013: I Am Doing A New Thing

July, 2013 (sabbatical)

February, 2013: Following Jesus

August, 2013 (sabbatical)

March, 2013: Fasting September, 2013: I Am Back!
April, 2013: Easter People

April, 2013: Spiritual Leadership Goals: Membership
October, 2013: Discipleship and Stewardship
May, 2013: Reviving Joy

May, 2013: Spiritual Leadership Goals: Baptism
November, 2013: Thanksgiving

November, 2013: Life in the PC(USA)
June, 2013: Going On Sabbatical

June, 2013: Spiritual Leadership Goals: Balance Budget
December, 2013: The Tipping Point (revisited)


January, 2012: The Relevance of Exodus

July, 2012: Giving Thanks

February, 2012: Adaptive v. Discontinuous Change

August, 2012: Burning the Mortgage

March, 2012: What Was The Meaning? September, 2012: Be Careful To Love God
April, 2012: Life of Discipleship October, 2012: Photobooth
May, 2012: Forging and Identity November, 2012: El Salvador
June, 2012: Ordinary Is Not Nothing December, 2012: Blessing Children in Jesus' Name


January, 2011: Look Back, Look Forward

July, 2011: Haggai

February, 2011: Cheap v. Costly Grace

August, 2011: Re-Committing in the Midst of Discontinuous Change

March, 2011: God's Plans September, 2011: Ten Years From 9/11
April, 2011: The Arab Spring October, 2011: Cleaving To God
May, 2011: Tell Somebody November, 2011: Offering What Costs Me
June, 2011: God Invades Time December, 2011: Mission Study


January, 2010: Going Where God Leads

July, 2010

February, 2010: Repenting of Sin

August, 2010

March, 2010: Share Your Story September, 2010:
April, 2010: Why Is Easter A Big Deal? October, 2010: The Great Emergence v. Sola Scriptura
May, 2010: Walking Together Theologically November, 2010: The Abolition of Man
June, 2010: Celebrating a Golden Anniversary December, 2010: Linus and Luke 2


January, 2009: God Is Good, All The Time

July, 2009: Having Eyes To See

February, 2009: Lisa Steele Johnson and The Shack

August, 2009:What I Did On My Summer Vacation

March, 2009: Theology Matters September, 2009: Why? What Do We Do What We Do?
April, 2009: Messengers of Hope October, 2009: 12 Young Men
May, 2009: Raised Without Religion November, 2009: The Preschool - Part 1

November, 2009: The Preschool - Part 2
June, 2009: Pentecost and Prayers of the People December, 2009:


January, 2008: The Holy Priesthood

January, 2008: Barmen

July, 2008: Transitions

February, 2008: How Easter Is Scheduled

February, 2008: Ordination Standards

August, 2008:Post GA and Worship Attendance

March, 2008: Humility September, 2008: Dealing With Change

September, 2008 Sermon Series: Messiness in the Church
April, 2008: Eastertide October, 2008:Five Sola's

May, 2008: The 218th GA and "Missional" November, 2008: The New Reformation
June, 2008: Our Mission December, 2008: The Tipping Point


January, 2007: Stepping Out In Faith

July, 2007: The One Year Mark

July, 2007: Apostles' Creed

February, 2007: Updates & Miscellaneous

February, 2007: Disintegration

August, 2007:Essential Tenets

August, 2007: Scots Confession

March, 2007: Lent and Silence

September, 2007: Wrapping Up Daniel

September, 2007: Heidelberg Catechism
April, 2007: Christ is Risen!

April, 2007: The Scandal of the Cross
October, 2007: Not Standing For Stated Clerk Again

October 2007: Reformation Sunday/John Knox

May, 2007: New classes (Peacemaking, Romans, Ephesians, Defending Your Faith)

May, 2007: A Rabbi Looks At Christianity

November, 2007: Giving Thanks For the Sacrifice of Veterans

November, 2007: Second Helvetic
June, 2007: Breakpoint Reaching Into The Community

June, 2007: The Nicene Creed
December, 2007: New Liturgical Year

December, 2007: Westminster


August, 2006: Intro

August, 2006: PC (USA) A Background

September, 2006: A Vision for CVPC September, 2006: Envisioning Daybreak & Adoracion
October, 2006: Breakpoint Introduced October, 2006: PC (USA) How Things Are Supposed To Work.
November, 2006: Thanksgiving November, 2006: San Diego Presbytery
December, 2006: Prayer Walk December, 2006: PUP Task Force


Minor Prophets Series

January, 2009: Hosea

July, 2009: Nahum

February, 2009: Joel

August, 2009: Habakkuk

March, 2009: Amos September, 2009: Zephaniah
April, 2009: Obadiah October, 2009: Haggai
May, 2009: Jonah November, 2009: Zechariah
June, 2009: Micah December, 2009: Malachi

Essential Tenets and Reformed Distinctives
Study Guide and Questions

Introduction Reformed Distinctive #1: Election for salvation and service

Essential #1: Authority of Scripture

Sample answer

Reformed Distinctive #2: Covenant and covenant life
--alternate question
Essential #2: God
(Trinity, Creation, Providence, Sovereignty)
Reformed Distinctive #3: Sacraments
--alternate question
Essential #3: Humanity
(Original righteousness/fall into sin)
-- alternate question
Reformed Distinctive #4: Sanctification
(and the works of the Holy Spirit)
Essential #4: Jesus Christ
(Incarnation of the Eternal Word)
--alternate question
Reformed Distinctive #5: Priesthood of all believers
--alternate question
Essential #5: Jesus Christ
(His atoning work)

Reformed Distinctive #6: Mission of the Church
--alternate question

Essential #6: Salvation by Grace through Faith
--alternate question

Reformed Distinctive #7: Stewardship
alternate question


Confessions in the Book of Confessions
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Nicea Barmen Declaration
Apostles' Creed C- 67 (Confession of 1967)
Scots Confession Brief Statement of Faith (1983)
Reunion of the UPC(USA) and PC(US)
Heidelberg Catechism  
Second Helvetic Confession  

Westminster Confession
(Confession, Shorter Catechism, Longer Catechism)




Twelve Disciples
(minus one for now)

(Missing: Thaddeus) July, 2005: Bartholomew
February, 2005: Peter August, 2005: Thomas
March, 2005: John September, 2005: Matthew
April, 2005: James October, 2005: James the Lesser
May, 2005: Andrew November, 2005: Simon the Zealot
June, 2005: Philip December, 2005: Judas Iscariot