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September 11, 2007: Expounding A Little Bit

To expound a little bit on yesterday's post, after a few calls and e-mails, I thought it would be wise to make it clear -- quickly -- that Stated Clerk Kirkpatrick's decision to not seek a fourth term does not inspire me to pursue election a second time.

The first reason for the quick public statement is for the benefit of the members of Chula Vista Presbyterian Church I am blessed to serve as pastor. I would like them not to harbor any doubts about my call or intentions.

The second reason for the quick public statement is to encourage those looking to find a candidate to search elsewhere. There is enough interest in these things to lead me to suspect people will be (as they already have) looking to contact me.

I believe God called me to stand for election in 2004. I did my best to stand faithfully and bear witness with clarity and vision. It was both a blessing and a very difficult time. The General Assembly voted for Stated Clerk Kirkpatrick. After that time, as the sporadic and lack of posting on this site for three years has revealed, I believe God moved me into a different direction than denominational politics.

It is time for a new leader. If the connection among Presbyterians is based on trust, this new leader needs to be someone who inspires trust. This person must be someone whose yes means yes and whose no means no. Right now, the lack of trust is effectively causing the PC(USA) to dis-integrate.

As for me, I can only share what a blessing I have received by being called to serve in Chula Vista, California. I am overwhelmed by seeing how the grace and love of Christ is transforming lives through the ministries of this congregation.

If you're in the neighborhood, stop by!