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The Form of Government Series

Chula Vista Presbyterian Church Session action regarding the September 07 draft.

September 17: The Form of Government Task Force
September 18: A First Glance
September 19: Digging Deeper
September 20: Revising Language
September 21: A New Version of the Revision
September 24: The Study Guide
September 25: Sticking My Toe In The Pool
September 26: Starting At the Beginning
September 27: Mea Culpa and Clarifying Terms

October 1: Links and a Pertinent Question
October 4: Quick Hits to Wrap Up Chapter 1
October 8: Chapter 2
October 9: Changes Change Things
October 11: Renunciation of Jurisdiction
October 15: The Big Picture and Chapter 2
October 16: Wrapping Up Chapter 2
October 17: Overview of Chapter 3
October 18: An Illustration of Vagary

Break for Wildfires in San Diego

October 22: Fire in San Diego
October 23: The Morning After -- And Still During
October 24: Smoke, Ash and Thanksgiving
October 25: What Now?
October 27: Last Fire Note....Really

October 31: Reformation Day and Chula Vista Presbyterian Church's Session Response to the Proposed Form of Government

December 4: A Case In Point
December 5: GA PJC Cases Pending
December 6: Predetermining the Outcome?
December 11: Dynamics of General Assemblies
December 12: New Dynamics of General Assemblies?

January 17, 2008: Trust? What Trust?
January 28, 2008: Why Bother With The New FoG?
January 29, 2008: Specifics Make A Difference
January 30, 2008: Let's Talk About Money
January 31, 2008: How Will I Know?