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June 6, 2008


Committee Survey: Committee 16, Worship and Spiritual Renewal.

Almost there. Two more committees to go.

Committee 16 is the committee over which many observers sigh and wonder, "Why is this committee so bereft of things to do?" Worship. Spiritual renewal. Between the two: two items of business. Two. Total.

[16-01] On Reaffirming Our Common Faith in Jesus Christ

The Presbytery of East Tennessee overtures the 218th General Assembly (2008) to

1. affirm as sisters and brother in Christ our common faith in, and allegiance to, Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; and

2. request that the Moderator of the 218th General Assembly (2008) say before every vote, “As sisters and brothers in Christ, sharing our common faith in, and allegiance to, Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, let us proceed to vote on the question before us.”

[16-02] A Call to Seek God for Spiritual Renewal of the Church.

The Presbytery of San Joaquin overtures the 218th General Assembly (2008) to call upon each congregation and presbytery of the PC(USA) to gather in Solemn Assemblies within the next two years, to seek God for spiritual renewal of the Church of Jesus Christ, following the command of God through the prophet Joel.

I realize that's not analysis -- it is just the entire business this committee is scheduled to handle. Instead of belaboring the point, let me make three quick comments:

1. This committee is ripe for Commissioner Resolutions. This is the committee that ought to be flooded with recommendations about how to encourage more missional identity and practice; not the nFoG. The reason it is not flooded with business is the very reason why the nFoG should not be passed -- missional identity will begin with the culture and activity of local congregations and presbyteries; it is not something that can be legislated from on high.

2. I wrote about Item 16-01 previously. OGA responded and fixed the problem. This is a good thing.

3. The lack of business for this committee (like several others previously reviewed) is another argument in favor of the more engaged process for electing the stated clerk.