Nary An Unpublished Thought







June 5, 2008

DAY 16 ON nFoG WATCH: Nothing new to report. No one else stepping up to say why the nFoG would make it better for us to handle ordination standard debates, trust issues, and money better than the current Form of Government. If we do not change who we are, how would this polity make us change for the better? If we would change who we are, why would our current Form of Government not be sufficient?

Committee Survey: Committee 15, Board of Pensions, Presbyterian Foundation, Presbyterian Publishing Corp.

Seven items of business; three of which are confirmations of elections that have already taken place. There is nothing in the remaining four items that would be better explained by me. Item 15-01 requests an expanded definition of terms for medical insurance purposes. In the overall scheme of things, I am going to trust the recommendation of the committee on this one. If they are persuaded it is a good idea, I am with them. None of the rest of the business raises waving red flags; it mostly looks like business required in order to keep us in compliance with federal investing codes.

Unless something really surprising happens, I suspect this business will be handled quickly (by Monday evening) and will be part of the consent agenda for the Assembly to take up for final disposition early Wednesday afternoon.