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April 30, 2008: Resisting Militarism

I wonder what would happen if I announced this event in the congregation I serve in San Diego:

May 23-26, 2008

A training for young adults on counter-military recruitment.

Memorial Day weekend, Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico.

We will counter military recruitment by recruiting Peacemakers.

"Training for Trainers" - for 16 to 20 year-old young adults.
(Applicants who are as young as 14 or who are older will be considered if there is space available.)

This training is designed for young adults who are interested in countering the military recruitment efforts on their high school and college campuses. Our hope is that participants will return to their areas of the country prepared to offer similar trainings for other young adults.

Participants and leaders will tent camp together in the Ghost Ranch Campground, and there weekend will include hiking, a morning of whitewater rafting, and outdoor leadership skill-building.

The program is free. The only cost to participants will be travel to and from Albuquerque, NM.

There is an application requiring written responses to two questions:

    1. Why are you interested in counter-military recruitment?

    2. Describe your school situation.  How could you imagine counter-military recruitment in your school?

Applications are due today. Presbyterian Peace Fellowship is sponsoring the conference, scheduling it for Memorial Day Weekend.

On the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend at Chula Vista Presbyterian, I will be asking our people to stand up -- all those who are/have served or whose family members are/have served to stand up -- so that we might give thanks and offer a prayer to God in gratitude for their service. (Last year, almost 95% of the congregation stood.)

By the way: Presbyterian Peace Fellowship is the driving force behind several of the ACSWP papers that are to be considered by the 218th General Assembly.