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March 14, 2008: Aha! And Thanks...

My plea for help did not go unheeded! Blessings and thanks for those of you who sent me notes about PC-biz. For anyone else out there who is struggling, here is the advice I received:

  1. Go to PC-Biz
  2. Go to Explorer
  3. Under "Search Filter" leave "keywords" blank, leave Event at 218th General Assembly; and at Assembly Committee, leave "No Filter"; then, hit the search key.

Lo and behold, 80 overtures and 15 recommendations. So, as I feared, the problem was me. At least, sort of. I do not know if I ever would have figured it out if I did not ask here.

I am going to have to spend some time getting used to working in PC-biz. I am still enough of a flat-earth person to like hard copies and am not sure how I will do making the transition to on-line only.

So, while I am at it: has anyone seen a "Tips/Tricks" for PC-biz? Are there other shortcuts and best-practices that would be helpful to start trying now?

And, boy, are there a lot of overtures about the proposed new Form of Government!